Christian McCaffrey Over the Rest

If you have had a chance to watch any of Stanford’s football season this year, you had a chance to watch one of the bright, young stars in college football, Christian McCaffrey.

Christian McCaffrey has blown up after a pedestrian freshman season. Last year, the true freshman rushed for only 300 yards and 251 yards receiving.

Let’s take a look at some of those numbers from this season:

1847 yards rushing. 540 yards receiving. 1042 yards on kick return. Guess what else? HE CAN PASS;  He has thrown for two scores as well.

That is a total of 3429 all-purpose yards, wow. He broke BARRY SANDERS’ record for most all-purpose yards in a season, which is amazing.¬†McCaffrey only scored 13 touchdowns, but a lot of that has to do with the type of offense Stanford runs.

Why do I like him more than Derrick Henry? Well, because he is not a one-trick pony. Ever watch Alabama football? Derrick Henry left, Derrick Henry right, yawn. I am tired of the same old Alabama football. Derrick Henry’s backup Kenyan Drake would have the same numbers if he got 300+ carries, I would almost guarantee it.

Yes, I called Derrick Henry a one-trick pony. Prove me wrong, I dare you.

He has 339 carries for 1900+ yards and 23 touchdowns. Receiving yards? Ya, less than 100, really exciting, real Heisman-like. Everyone likes to compare Henry to Mark Ingram and I just do not get it. Mark Ingram in his Heisman year(2009) had 1658 yards on the ground, but he also had more that 300 yards receiving. Now he was no one-trick pony. Nor was the previous running back to win the Heisman before Ingram.

Ron Dayne (since I can’t count Reggie Bush) in 1999, had 300 yards receiving to go with his 2000 yards rushing. At least he mixed it up a little. Back to Henry though; Alabama’s starting offensive line averages 312.6 pounds per player. Hell, I could run through holes produced by that offensive line. Stanford’s Offensive line? While it is still big, it only averages 301.6.

In the end, the Heisman is supposed to go to the most talented player in college football. If 3429 all- purpose yards does not scream most talented, I do not know what will. He does it on the ground, receiving, returning and even throws touchdowns! If McCaffrey does not win the Heisman, it wouldn’t make sense.

Well, if he lost it to Henry that wouldn’t make sense.

I would not be surprised if Deshaun Watson won. Of the previous 15 Heisman winners (excluding 2005) only two running backs have won, Mark Ingram and Ron Dayne, but both of these backs were not one trick ponies. McCaffrey is the clear-cut favorite in my eyes. Breaking an all time greats record for all-purpose yards in a season speaks for itself. But, now we wait until Saturday and see if the voters agree with me or not.

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