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Why Purdue Should Hire P.J. Fleck

The hottest up and coming coach in college football is P.J. Fleck.

Purdue fans will see P.J. Fleck as a MAC coach and get instantly nervous. It’s hard to blame them when the last MAC coach they hired, Darrell Hazell, was a complete disaster. Here are three reasons why Fleck could succeed at Purdue:

Look at Western Michigan:

Western Michigan was nothing in football when Fleck first arrived. That is evident by the 1-11 record he had in his first year there. He had to go to work and build something from nothing. He has done that and more at Western Michigan who is currently undefeated at  7-0 this season and ranked 20th in the nation. This is the first time the Bronchos have ever been ranked and two of those seven wins are against Big Ten teams (Illinois and Northwestern). What makes him different from Hazell? Hazell got hired after his 2nd season at Kent State where he had an 11-2 record at the time of his hire. That is important because his team was an upperclassman heavy led team, which were not recruited by Hazell. Fleck, on the other hand, is in his fourth year at Western Michigan and his 7-0 team is led by kids he brought into the program.

He can recruit:

Let me start this by saying recruiting in the Big Ten is a lot different and tougher than recruiting in the MAC. There is not a direct correlation that just because he has had success getting kids to Western Michigan, that he will be able to do the same at Purdue. That being said, he has shown by his success at Western Michigan that he is a tireless recruiter and will work as hard as he possibly can to get kids to his school. According to the website 247 sports, he has finished first in recruiting in the MAC for three years in a row. A strong recruiter is a must in whoever Purdue hires as their next coach.

He is young and full of energy:

Let’s be honest, Purdue’s problems aren’t going to be fixed overnight. This is going to take time and patience. Fleck is 35 years old and by all accounts a high energy, high motivational type of guy. He has the blueprint on how to build a program from nothing and how long the process can take. He has set up a strong recruiting plan at Western Michigan and will have more money and resources at Purdue to work his plan. He’ll have more money to put into getting the right assistant coaches he needs to be successful.

If Purdue goes the up and coming route to hire their next coach, Fleck needs to be at the top of the list. One thing Purdue has going for them is they could be only Big Ten opening after this year. They will need to not be cheap if they decide to target Fleck as their will be competition for his services.

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